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Future1Coin MVP Forecast Prototype Based On Artificial Intelligence(AI)

The Future1Coin Forecast Engine delivers high accuracy forex & crypto forecasts for several timeframes.

  • Future1coin delivers the next market movements forecast and tells you what asset can rise and fall in value.

  • The forecast delivers daily and hourly forecasts.

  • The Future1coin Forecast Platform delivers results with Very High Accuracy

Future1Coin MVP Affiliate Platform Prototype

Future1coin decentralized affiliate platform the future of marketing allows ICO’s to easily raise funds and affiliates to interact directly with ICO’s based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Future1coin ICO Launch Sevices

Healthy food delivery service combined with power of the blockchain .The platform directly connects Clients, Regiment Lifestyle and a Courier delivery pool on blockchain .

A decentralized food delivery service ensures a safe autonomous process and a transparent payment processing, as a result, eliminating the middleman and saving cost.

Future1coin Community Voting & Comments Members ICO Platform

Everyday more and more people are becoming interested in cryptocurrency and ICO, however, there are tons of dishonest players and dozens of promising ICO announced half of which are just empty promises the sole purpose of the project being just to take away your money.

With Future1coin Community Voting & Comments ICO Platform members can expose Dodgy ICO with Fake teams and fraudulent Founders. Also, members can share promising ICO with the community so everyone will benefit. However, every voter will need to verify himself or herself to qualify to vote so as to avoid fake votes.

In phase I the community voting and comments will be only for Pre ICO & ICO however in phase II it will cover traditional business. Companies that have a Red flag will be avoided and the one with a Green flag will be followed.