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1. Your payment into the future1coin membership is for the educational courses  , you receive Futures1Coin Tokens upon becoming a member.  There is no refund applicable unless stated otherwise. For the course packages click here http://championtradersacademy.com/course/.

2. The applicant may attend unlimited Seminars for life.

3. Educational and informational sessions offered by Kishore M and his team of partner mentors are via email, video, webinar (live and pre-recorded) and Skype. Kishore M will conduct face-to-face mentoring sessions from time to time at his discretion. All applicants will be emailed in advance of such sessions.

4. Membership to Future1Coin currently comes with Lifetime membership only for the Platinum members.

5. Future1coin is also an affiliateplatform offering ICO purchases at discounted prices to its members. One needs to own future1coin to receive Bonus tokens .

6. It is the participant’s responsibility to provide a valid and working email address and Future1Coin is not responsible for any unread or ‘bounced’ emails. It is also the applicant’s responsibility to notify us of any changes to their email address.

7. Future1Coin reserves the right to use all written or electronic footage from the seminars unless specifically told by the Applicant in writing. This information will remain the intellectual property of Future1Coin.

8. All seminar material is the copyright of Future1Coin and cannot be used by the participants in blogs, video or any other means, without the written consent of Future1Coin or associates.

9. At certain events in various countries, Future1Coin may use local partners with regards to payment facilities and local service charges and tax (if applicable) will be paid direct to that company on behalf of Future1Coin. All assurances and benefits of Future1Coin still applies to all members.

10. Trading on Margin Products such as Forex and Cryptocurrency involves Risk.

11. There May be  A Risk Of Loss Of Capital By Investing In ICO. Users are responsible for investigating and researching each ICO company themselves before deciding to invest in them.

I agree to the terms and conditions of this application without reservation and hereby confirm that the payment terms are comfortably within my budget and I have opted to join without reservation. The above terms and conditions are subject to changes.

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