How to buy Future1Coin 2018-07-17T09:34:51+00:00

Step 1

First Register by going to below website and click on “create an Account”

Step 2

Now enter your details

Step 3

Now login

Step 4

After you have logged in click on dashboard. Over here you will enter the quantity of ETH or BTC you will contribute to buy Future1coin. The minimum is 0.1 eth and 0.01 btc.

Step 5

After you click on buy it will give you the address where you will send 0.1ETH.

Step 6

Now go to www.myetherwallet.com and send 0.1 ETH to the address you copied. Make sure you login using metamask for safety purposes.

Step 7

You will see your tokens in your wallet.

Step 8

Check Transaction history to see all your transactions.

Step 9

You will need ethereum to send future1tokens out from your wallet . To receive ethereum click on wallet and select receive payment. Copy the Address
and transfer 0.1 ethereum to this address.

Step 10

To send future1tokens out from your wallet click on wallet and select send payment. Enter the myetherwallet address where you want to send future1coin tokens

Step 11

To add Future1coin tokens to your www.myetherwallet.com after you login to your wallet
click on “Add Custom Token” in

1) Token contract address copy and paste the below
2) Token Symbol type below
3) Decimals

You will see 0 F1C. When you transfer let say 500 future1coin tokens to you will see the number of tokens changed to 500 instead of 0.