Decentralized Finance

Earn Yield And More

DeFi Products in Dashboard

It’s never been simple to explore, and evaluate various DeFi Assets on the market. Browse curated products, check historical returns, and more. Choose preferred strategies according to risk profile. Invest like a pro.

Non – Custody and Self Approval

Users interact and approve ‘smart contract’ individually and are not required to transfer the funds. Unlike centralized exchanges, future1coin do not hold users capital. Defi enable self custody for everyone

Performance and Optimization

All investments are transparent on the blockchain and users will be able to monitor their capital 24/7. Users could review and optimize their portfolio for more efficient portfolio management.

WHY DeFi Portfolio ?

Non custodial.

Investor’s $ did not leave their wallet. Reduce counterparty risk.

Cash flow from digital assets

Bitcoin was not a cash flow generating asset. DeFi enables this. Start generating Yield simply by choosing a Portfolio.

Fully transparent on blockchain.

All Transactions happen within smart contracts and public


Simple and Easy to Use

Future1coin core value proposition is focused on user experience. By focusing on delivering seamless experience and usability. User will be easier to navigate and make best decision. Customer experience is at our core.

Expert Curated

Our core team research, analyze and backtest latest defi protocols to filter the best from the rest. It has never been simpler to explore and excess according to your suitable investment appetite. Bench making with the best performance algo.

Risk Vs Reward

The strategies are optimized to provide a risk Vs reward ratio according to low, medium and high risk profiles. We believe different investors have various portfolio strategy according to their needs. Prioritizing risk with reward for peace of mind.


Regular crypto investors struggle with the difficult and complexity to interact with DeFi protocols. Best strategy require constant monitoring of performance, multiple protocol composability, managing risk vs reward ratio and auditing smart contract security.
Future1coin goal is to find the best return possible by automatically shifting user-deposited funds through various DeFi protocols.

Get Started In Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Browse recommended DeFi strategy based on risk profiles.

Step 2: Select, review and approve deposit into the automated strategies.

Step 3: Monitor and optimize portfolio performance.